Requested by ThePro, these are a remake of Ephi's EphiPorts, except they're made by me.  Use the magic wand mode to make them.

NOTE: Requires a knowledge of how to exec a file.

Add the line...


To game.cs, which can be opened with notepad, somewhere under line 201 (Ctrl+G).  Those lines should look like...


   // Keep track of when the game started
   $Game::StartTime = $Sim::Time;

Once you've done that, download the file, and use the wand modes to create Gateways and portals.

First, hit a brick in Gateway mode.

Second, hit a brick in ID mode.  Assign any ID character combination to it.

Third, jump on the Gateway, and type in the ID you assigned.  This should take you to the brick you assigned the ID to.