Ok then, here the mods. And just for you to know Blehh7777 made pretty much all of these mods, so I gave him part of the credit.

If you don't know how to install these mods, go to "How to Install?" page first.

Something gone wrong? Backup files.

Bac's Pack 1.03 

Filename: bacspack_v103.exe

Size: 9Mb

Absolutely awesome add-on for RTB. You must have this one!

Bac's Pack 1.02

Filename: bacspack_v102.rar

Size: 6Mb

A good add-on for RTB, but I prefer the Bac's Pack 1.03.

Gust Rifle

Filename: gustrifle3.zip

Size: 55kt

Neat gun.

Once you have downloaded it, open console in the game (tilde), and write:


and it should work fine. You need to spawn it from F11.

Halo Mod

Filename: halomodfixed.rar

Size: 1Mb

WARNING! Do a back-up of your RTB because this mod can't be uninstalled! (As far as I know)


Filename: clockmode.zip

Size: 3Kt

Adds "Clock mode" to Magic Wand, but removes "Scale Brick" and "Teleport-By-ID" mode. But its worth trying!

To uninstall this mod, delete the "clockmode.cs" file in rtb/server/scripts


Filename: lasertag.zip

Size: 7Kt

Neat minigame. All you need is a blaster and some people to play with.

Remember you need to read this tutorial before you can make it work.


Filename: triggers.zip

Size: 3Kt

Adds lots of cool triggers. NOTE: These can be only spawned from F11.


Filename: blocksaving.zip

Size: 5Kt

This mod allows you to save clocks, and it will make your persistences load faster and use less disk space.


Filename: atm.zip

Size: 3Kt

Don't want Bac's Pack but still need Automessage? Then you must have this one. If you have Bac's Pack, you DON'T need this.

BrickPack 1

Filename: bp1.zip

Size: 7Kt


  • Pine Tree Brick
  • Flower Brick
  • Monkey Brick
  • Cat Brick
  • Book Brick
  • Camera Brick
  • Shield Brick

If you have Bac's Pack, you DON'T need this.

Editor's Wand distance

Filename: ewanddist.zip

Size: 5Kt

Great mod if you don't want Bac's Pack, but still annoyed by the short Editor's Wand distance. If you have Bac's Pack, you DON'T need this.

Longer Brick placement

Filename: lbp.zip

Size: 4Kt

Pretty self-explaining, eh? If you have Bac's Pack, you DON'T need this.


Filename: zoom.zip

Size: 4Kt

This works well with the Editor's Wand distance mod. This is one of those Must-Have mods. If you have Bac's Pack, you DON'T need this.


Filename: customshift.zip

Size: 8Kt

This THE mod. You MUST HAVE this one! If you have Bac's Pack, you DON'T need this.

Teleporter gateways

Filename: tgateways.zip

Size: 2Kt

You used Clock mode? Now want your teleport-By-ID mode back? Then download this. If you have Bac's Pack, you DON'T need this.

You MUST read this tutorial.


Filename: serverinfo.zip

Size:  1Kt

My favourite mod. Now you can really edit the server info!


Filename: GravityGun1.zip

Size: 581Kt

Grab newbies and throw them through air!