Welcome to Blokoland! 

I know that there are only few players in the Return to Blockland, but I hope that I can change it, at least a bit.

So, I have collected few great modifications and maps to this site, thanks to Bleh7777, including the game itself! Because Bleh7777 has made quite a lot of these mods, I gave him credit too.




Added a favicon.


My goal is to preserve this website as close to the original state as I can, including the eye-wateringly bad HTML code. (Why is all the important content on one line?!) Regardless I have decided to fix a handful of broken links around the site to improve navigation as well as making the navigation menu display the intended effect. Additionally an HTML tag that was typoed site-wide was corrected in order to display the site layout as intended, incorrect file path for the fancy swirl image at the top was fixed (I missed it when I originally restored the site in 2014), and Google Analytics tracking was added purely out of my own curiosity. Surely the site no longer receives any meaningful traffic apart from occasional lone straggler accidentally stumbling upon this?

If you're looking for something marginally more interesting I recommend checking out my main site (which is where this website is now hosted) at Dataorb.net or the downloads for other old Blockland games.


I put the site back up due to this thread on the Blockland Forums and for nostalgia's sake. This site was originally hosted and made on Google Sites and the domain was http://blokoland.tk. (Please don't try to visit the .TK link. TK links are almost exclusively malware nowadays.) The information still applies and add-ons on this site should still work in RTB 1.045 so I suppose the site has some historical significance as well.

I'm still active on the Blockland Forums after all these years but I no longer play the old Blockland/RTB games.

- Demian @ Blockland Forums


It's bye bye forever. I got totally bored to RTB. I'll probably never play it again. It was nice playing with you guys. 

Farewell mates!

- (RS)Demian also known as Demian also known as Pehmolelu 


Yeah! I actually got RTB working just fine on my computer! I dunno how did it happen, but it works! So from here on you can see my more often in RTB. Also some other news. I'm making my own mod pack! Actually its only a collection of mods in one pack. Similar to Bac's Pack =) So I just get the best mods and put them in one pack.

I recently got a lap top I tried if RTB would work in it. It does, but it has few graphical bugs. I'll try reinstalling it. So from here on you will probaply see me on RTB, but not very often. Because the it's my dad's lap top and I don't like lap tops.



Bad news. I quit RTB. Just like Red Alpha did. I hope that this does not mean that clan (RS)Red Star is going to break up. My last wish is that ~Free~(RS)~Styler~ (or something like that, I can't remember his full name) takes the lead. I can I just don't have time to play RTB. And. RTB does not work for me anymore. It's totally screwed up because I reinstalled Windows. But you can always catch up me on MSN Messenger. IF I get RTB working you might see me in RTB. Till then. Farewell mates! 

- (RS)Demian also known as Demian also known as Pehmolelu   



Nope. Never gonna happen. This is will be here till the doomsday. 



I'm thinking of moving Blokoland to d-portal.org (Portal to my sites) because it's easier to edit this site with html + php. But first I need a layout. I think I'll just find or make a good layout and move this site to d-portal. But the address will be the same. 



I wont be updating very much anymore. I'm too lazy and I have other sites too. Few updates will be coming in future.