Ok then. I have noticed that there are a massive amount of beginners who don't know how to use Editor's Wand. And because they don't know how to use it, everyone will kick them away from their server. 

So we, who know how to use Editor's Wand, don't give them a change to learn how to use it. We all are too lazy to teach those beginners the secrets of the Editor's Wand. So if you are a beginner or just don't know how to use Editor's Wand, I am your God =D

What is this Editor's Wand? 

Editor's Wand, also called "EW", is a very useful tool. You can get it by going to "0" menu. The Editor's Wand is in there, but you can't use it unless you have rights to do so. 

If you host your own server, you get it by default, but if you're not the host, you need to ask admin to give you the Editor's Wand.


What to do with the Editor's Wand? 

Once you have the Editor's Wand, plant a 1x1 brick. (Menu 1) Aim at the brick (press TAB (Below number 1)) ja fire. Now the brick turned yellow with black stripes, it means that you have selcted that brick.


How to edit bricks?  

Now you should have a brick selected. Press Ctrl + E (Ctrl and E at the same time if you didn't get it =)) Now you have a complicated looking screen in front of you. 

The first from left is "Position", it shows the bricks position in the game. Next one is "Rotation", here you can rotate the brick, but it is a lot easier to use numpads 9 and 7. And the last one. The most important one, is "Scale". Now you see 1 1 1 at the Scale.

Change them to 1 5 3. (1[SPACE]5[SPACE]3)

Now you have a nice 1x5x3 brick. It wasn't so hard after all, eh?

Basic brick editing 

That was very easy, wasn't it? It was easy because it is very easy to edit 1x1 bricks.

Now plant a 1x12x5 brick. Now were trying to make it the same size as the last 1x1 brick we edited. No change the scale value to 

1 0.417 0.6 

As you see, you can use other than round figures. (1,2,3 etc.) Probably the easiest way to edit bricks is by planting 1x1 and edit it. It needs some practice.


Advanced brick editing 

Now. Get used to the Editor's Wand and plant different kind of bricks, slopes, round shapes, fplates, special bricks etc.


Congratulations! Now you should know the basics of the Editor's Wand.