Old Blockland Games

This is a mirror for Blockland v0002, Return to Blockland v1.045, BAC's Pack v1.03, The Orange Block 2.31, and Blockland v20 for archival purposes. None of the installers or archives are modified in any way (except for Blockland v20) and are uploaded in the original state they were first released.

A word of warning: The developer has clearly stated that he does not approve of people playing old versions of the game. Especially posting old servers to the master list. Please do not attempt to host an online server or if you know what you're doing, prevent your server from connecting to the masterlist. People have been banned from the commercial version of Blockland for posting servers running old versions of the game the masterlist before. LAN games are fine.

I can guarantee that all files below are clean of viruses and malware. I, however, cannot guarantee that someone hasn't broken into my web server and changed the files. Additionally, I have personally tested all files and confirmed them to be working on a 64-bit Windows 7.

Blockland v0002

Blockland v0002 is a freeware sandbox game and the beta version of retail Blockland which is not free.

Return to Blockland v1.045

Return to Blockland v1.045 is a modified version of Blockland v0002 but it works without it and is generally considered a separate free standalone game. It is also the predecessor of Return to Blockland (shut down as of ) a popular add-on for retail Blockland. I have some mods and maps for RTB v1.045 uploaded to my mirror but they are neither organized nor do they have sensible names.

BAC's Pack v1.03

BAC's Pack v1.03 is a popular add-on for Return to Blockland v1.045.

The Orange Block 2.3

The Orange Block is a yet another modification based on Blockland v0002 but it works without it and is generally considered a separate free standalone game.

The Orange Block 2.31

Files to patch The Orange Block version 2.3 to 2.31. Overwrite existing files in the installed game directory.

Blockland v20

Version 20 of Blockland. You need a valid serial key to play the full game. The demo version is functional. The version of Blockland v20 available here is a slightly modified version of Port's version of Blockland v20. I removed some add-ons that were not present in the original v20. The game is identical to the original Blockland v20 except you must use either run.bat or run.sh to play the game, otherwise the game will force update to the latest version.